Strona główna Programme REFERENCES


DOC LAB POLAND is an excellent event organised in very professional way. Many festivals are frequently accompanied by similar events and Cracow is certainly among the best.

Wieland Speck, the head of Panorama Berlinale

I was impressed with the quality of the projects and the thorough organization. The presence of international buyers and relaxing events makes this an inspiring place to network.

Peter Jager, AUTLOOK

I was really surprised how well the participants listened and learned – the actual pitching was really, really good and impressive.

Leena Pasanen, DOK Leipzig

Thank you very much for a wonderful event! I am very much surprised by the quality of the presented projects and I enjoyed extremely some of them.

Michaela Cajkova, TASKOVSKI FILMS

 The DOCS TO GO projects were excellent and I can’t wait to see them all when they are done. DOC LAB POLAND team is wonderful and such a pleasure to work with. Many congratulations for a wonderful event!

Elizabeth Radshaw, HOT DOCS

Everything was perfectly organized and I had a great meetings. Everything worked very well and smooth. Thank you for a great selection of works and devoted filmmakers.


DOC LAB POLAND is an excellent event organised in very professional way. Many festivals are frequently accompanied by similar events and Cracow is certainly among the best.

Wieland Speck, the head of Panorama Berlinale

DOC LAB POLAND is an important event both from the producers’ and directors’ perspectives. This is a professional and consistent assistance in everything what happens behind the filmset and editing room, including funds raising, consultations with directors and promotion. I recommend this to all documentary filmmakers!

Bogna Kowalczyk, the director of “Boyleska”

Those workshops give a lot of positive energy, new ideas and inspiration. Moreover, they are an opportunity for sharing your story with friendly people. This is the place where project of film is being created, including consultations with leading Polish documentary filmmakers and giving presentation during Krakow Film Festival.

Monika Krupa, the director of “Mission”

DOC LAB POLAND gives to authors a great opportunity to work on their ideas, aims and plans. Ruthlessly, but in an incredibly creative way, it verifies if we know what our films are going to be about and if we are ready to introduce them to the film sector. I cannot imagine a better opportunity to practice giving project presentation to the professionals from all over the world in comfortable and professional conditions. In my opinion, DOC LAB POLAND is at the moment the best programme for films development.

Małysa, the producer of “Miss Holocaust”

Everything went perfectly well, I think. Great organisation was impressing. Inspiring were as well listening to pitchings and collective participation in those, as individual consultations. DOC LAB POLAND 2016 really helped us to specify further improvement of our projects and mobilised us to continue our work.

Marika Kuźmicz, the producer of “Studium chaosu”

My expectations related to the programme were exceeded hundred times. I had participated in such workshops several times and actually my general expectation concerned the confrontation of project with the outside world. The results are remarkable: I have found a great foreign co-producer and currently in progress are discussions with HBO. The programme had been substantively and organisationally very well prepared. Moreover, our project changed after the workshops: we improved the structure of our film as well as film’s main subject.

Katarzyna Trzaska, the co-director and the producer of “Boskie!”

First of all, we understood what were the strengths and weaknesses of our project. Significant was the substantive support which we received on the highest level. Furthermore, networking turned out to be equally important, we established new contacts which are likely to bring profit in the future.

Barbara Białowąs, the co-director of “Boskie!”

The programme participants made a great progress. I have the impression that, together with other tutors, we were able to help them to follow the proper direction. I keep my fingers crossed for all the projects which proved one more time that a good documentary film is more important than the plot.

Paul Pauwels, tutor, the head of European Documentary Network

The mentors and tutors had been selected well. As a result of their comments, which enabled us to take a look at the project from producer’s and commissioning editor’s perspectives, we improved our presentation. Great thanks for that!

Pawel Nazaruk, the creative producer of “Gdzie jesteś, Tereso O.?”

Considering the organisation and content-related support, the workshops were held in an exemplary way. Working with outstanding Polish documentary filmmakers were an amazing experience which had a beneficial effect on the project and at the same time gave the opportunity for exchanging thoughts and – if I can call this like that – for more programme oriented discussion: Why we are creating documentary films, why they are important, etc. The possibility to work with leading representatives of European documentary films: Leena Pasanen, Paul Pauwels and Rada Šešić, whose sensiblity, penetration, warmth and openess to all the projects, gave a lot of positive energy and enabled our project to develop.

Maria Krauss, the producer of “Chciałbym ci powiedzieć wszystko”.